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Gary Helms Pirates and Pickers Tour will continue through 2013 with  new Cruise Dates Added!
Tuesday, August 21, 2012,

Galveston - Country music recording artist Gary Helms will continue Pirates and Pickers Country Music Tour with the annual Cruise dates for 2013.

The Pirates and Pickers Country Music Cruise is in it's Sixth year and leaves October 2013.
Pirates and Pickers started out as a cruise with friends and family members and added the live music of Gary Helms in an acoustic performance setting on the ships
deck with as much as one third of the ships ocean goers on the deck of the ship participating and singing along with the music.

The cruise has also had other quality musicians and singers along for the cruise with Gary Helms to enjoy the fun and enhance the musical environment. Among
them James Houston nephew to the Grammy Award winning Kenny Rogers whom had appeared on stage with Rogers in the years past as well as television shows
when Rogers fronted the Houston based super group First Edition.  Also bringing an enjoyable rhythm to the sound in prior years was Russel Fiedler, a Texas based
percussionist that added the Island sounds to the music via the Bongo and Djembey.  Gary has confirmed he will not be playing music on this cruise and has gone on
to say there will be no other musicians added to the cruise for the purpose of performing. All shows will be done by Carnival entertainment artists.

Tickets are still available through the cruise  link on Gary's website at http://www.garyhelmsmusic.com/cruise and the cost is cheaper for inside rooms due to rate
cuts for this cruise by Carnival Cruise Lines but they must be booked through Gary's web link for the rates to apply so your guided to the correct cruise administrator.

The cruise will be visiting the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico for a seven day cruise.

To see more about the cruise visit: http://www.garyhelmsmusic.com/cruise


Chip Todd Endorses Gary Helms!
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

“Chip Todd” former master builder, designer and engineer for Peavey launches the Gary Helms Signature Series custom electric guitars. The guitars are in line to be
presented at the forth coming NAMM show. The Gary Helms Signature Series Guitars were each designed and produced in co-operation with singer songwriter Gary
Helms and will be showcased by Gary on the second leg of his tour as well as his Pirates and Pickers Country Music Cruise which continues through 2013.

The Gary Helms Signature Series Guitars, all hand made in the USA will be labeled, stenciled, numbered in sequence without total, personally signed by Gary Helms
with a certificate of authenticity. The guitars will not be reproduced once they’re sold out!

Gary Helms uses Zager Acoustic Electric Guitars and Chip Todd Custom Electric Guitars exclusively with full endorsements.

For a full description of the Zager Acoustic Electric used by Gary Helms, visit:


Gary Gets Guitar Endorsement With Zager Guitars!
Thursday, Feb 2, 2012

Rock and Country come together to benefit the sound of music when 60's Rock Star Denny Zager, the singer songwriter from Zager and Evans who penned the super
hits song "In The Year of 2525" endorsed Gary Helms to bring their guitars to the world via country music.

Denny Zager, now the Master Guitar builder for Martin Guitars also has his own company and that company also makes guitars known as Zager Guitars.

Zager presented Gary with an acoustic electric that came from Denny's personal stock for Gary to use on stage and in the studio.  This guitar was signed by Denny
and has been appraised at $10,000 by two appraisers.

In becoming a part of the Zager family Gary Helms has been added to an elite group of musicians with Denny Zager, Andre Coutu the lead guitarist for Celine Dion,
Mark Greenwood the founding member of the Garth Brooks Band, Garry Tallent founding member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, Ricky Lynn Gregg former
major label recording artist.  

For more information about Gary's ZAD-80CE Acoustic Electric Guitar, visit:

Visit Zager Guitars:


English Video Guru David Baker Was In Town For The Video Shoot!
Galveston, Texas land mark Melrose Pub was the location for English video director David Baker Saturday night.
Baker was in town to shoot Gary and the boys acoustic live performance along with interview footage for upcoming television and media use.

Baker will soon be shooting Gary's next few videos in the Nashville area as well as Dallas, Texas.  Baker states "I'd like to make it to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and
Cozumel with Gary and the guys but have to see if my schedule is clear next month before we can make that a certainty."

Look for Baker's work on Country Music Television Pulse.  His workload always keeps him moving with various country music stars and the upcoming and ongoing
Gary Helms projects allow him to expand his creativity more than some country artists videos allow for.  

"I enjoy working with David, he makes the shoot fun and still gets what he needs to keep the video interesting not to mention he's just a real good guy!" Gary quotes.
Gary also went on to say he had worked with Baker on other video productions in the past and was very pleased with the outcome.

Watch for new video hits from Gary Helms in the near future and stay connected here for the latest updates on Gary Helms, Texas Black Gold and David Baker.


Gary Helms adds A New Ringtone!
Get your new ringtone of "You Oughta Try My Kiss" at Gary's Myxertones page today!
You Ought To Try My Kiss - Gary Helms
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